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Stellar Blesta Template | HTML Template With Blesta Integration | Settings File | HTML Snippets | Ready-Made


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Stellar is a fully responsive HTML Template with optional Blesta Integration and comes with many features and includes free support.

Price: $69.99 - Optional $30/year for Blesta integration.

Learn More | View Demo | Order Now

^ Please view the links above to learn more. Stellar is only one of our many Blesta Templates.


Save $20 On Stellar!

Use coupon code blestaforum during checkout for a huge $20 discount on our Stellar Blesta Template!


Stellar Features

- Responsive - Stellar is a responsive Blesta Template meaning it will support any device used to view it. For example if your visitor uses a desktop computer they will see the full-size version of the Stellar. If they view it with a mobile device the template will automatically "respond" to the size of that device allowing your website to support all devices.

- Blesta Integration Template ($30/year) - Stellar comes with an optional Blesta Integration Template. So your main website will utilise the Stellar and you can use Blesta to add functionality such as client accounts, cart, tickets, automation & more to your website. Our easy 5 minute integration process will show you how to add your HTML Templates header/footer/images/CSS to the Blesta integration template. The process will create a pixel perfect match between your Stellar & Blesta pages.

- 4 Plan Design Layouts - This Blesta Template comes with 4 design options to display your plans using easy to use HTML. Included layouts are multiple pricing tables, data tables, feature boxes & slider.

- 3 Menu Design Options - This Blesta Template supports 3 menu design options that are changed within the HTML markup. Options include a mega menu, single dropdown or no dropdown.

- Ready Made Sales Pages - Ready-Made sales pages to display your products/services. All pages have exclusive out of the box content and support multi-display options. Built with HTML they can be edited easily.

- PHP Structure - Stellar uses PHP includes allowing you to update consistent parts of the template (such as the menu, footer, head etc) in one file. Changes made to the include files are automatically updated within the HTML pages.

- HTML Snippets - Stellar is a Blesta Template packed with a range of copy/paste HTML code snippets which you can use to easily create pricing tables, feature boxes, buttons & more.

- Unlimited Customization - This template is built using HTML so you have unlimited possibilities for customization (with HTML experience). Create new pages, edit the menu, implement ready-made HTML Snippets to generate content & more.

And much more >> View All Features


How Does The Blesta Integration Work?

Stellar is a HTML Template which is used for the main pages of your website. Then there is a Blesta Integration Template ($30/year) which can be added to your order during checkout. We provide a 5 minute guide showing you how to integrate your HTML Template's header/footer/images/CSS with your Blesta Integration Template to create a pixel perfect match between both. The recommended setup is:

domain.com - The Stellar HTML Template which contains all of the template pages (domain.com/web-hosting.php, domain.com/iptv.php, domain.com/company.php etc)

domain.com/directory/ - Blesta installed (client accounts, cart, tickets etc) along with the Blesta Integration Template we provide.

With this setup you can build your main website using the Stellar HTML pages that are lightning fast and fully customizable. Then you would simply need to activate Blesta as the integration type and link the order button(s) to the products you have created in Blesta (we provide documentation on how to do this). So your visitor goes to your website and views the products/services you provide within the Stellar HTML Template. They click on an order button and it takes them to Blesta to complete their purchase. Both your HTML website and Blesta pages match thanks to the pixel perfect integration.

You will find our dedicated website listing our Blesta Templates here: Blesta Templates


Stellar Pages

Stellar comes packed with the following pages out of the box:

HTML Template

- Sales Pages: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, Game Servers, Virtual Private Network, IPTV, Hosting Addons, Web Design
- Content Pages: Homepage, Company, Affiliate Program, Why Choose Us, Testimonials
- Addons Pages: Addons, WHMCS Templates, WordPress Themes, HTML Templates, Blesta Templates, Clientexec Templates, WISECP Templates, HostBill Templates, Scripts, Logo Design, Banner Design, WHMCS Modules, WHMCS Services, WordPress Services, Blesta Services, Clientexec Services
- Legal Pages: Terms Of Service, Acceptable Usage Policy, Privacy Policy

Blesta Integration Template ($30/year)

- Blesta Pages (all) - client area, cart, knowledgebase, tickets etc

Why Zomex?

1) We're passionate - We have a great passion for the web hosting industry and making the best products/services for your business.
2) We provide support based on our experience in the web hosting industry.
3) We listen to your feedback
4) We have a proven track record in providing Web Hosting Industry products/services.
5) Our products are constantly updated to keep up with the ever-evolving hosting industry.

Unsure How To Start A Web Hosting Business?

We have created a very detailed guide on the web hosting reseller business:

How to start a web hosting reseller business

We Look Forward To Hearing From You

If you have any questions at all feel free to reply to this thread, create a support request or send us an email:

Sales department at sales (at) zomex com
or contact me personally at jack (at) zomex com

Thank you for showing interest in our services and have a great day!

Warm Regards
Jack Curtis - CEO






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  • zomex changed the title to Stellar Blesta Template | HTML Template With Blesta Integration | Settings File | HTML Snippets | Ready-Made
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We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our first Blesta WordPress Theme - Stellar v2! Stellar has been developed from the ground up, every line has been re-coded and the feature set is now 10x larger than the previous version. A big focus of v2 has been the ability to customize as much as possible while doing so easily.

Learn More: https://www.zomex.com/clients/announcements.php?id=266

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We are excited to announce that this url="https://www.zomex.com/products/html-templates/"]HTML Template[/url] has been updated. v2.3 is a huge update that includes many new features and enhancements. New features include an all new Dev directory using our Wizard Panel design, new settings including support for 2 headers, a new software integration process & more.

Learn More: https://www.zomex.com/clients/announcements.php?id=275

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