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Time based HMAC



I am not following how to set this up.

I know how to scan the QR code, however what on earth is the "One time Password"?

It says in the info pop that I need to enter a generated one time password, however, what generated one time password is this? (my google authenticator doesn't work this way...all I have to do is scan the QR code am I am supposed to be set (isn't this correct or am I missing something here?)

I cannot enable the two factor authentication in blesta because it refuses to go on any further without this generated "phantom" one time password!

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Ah I have figured it out now.

The procedure is as follows (perhaps this should be entered into the blesta user manual


For Google Authenticator (android App)

1. In blesta>my info (near top right of screen)>Account, enable "Time-Based HMAC One Time Password

2. Scan the QR code using Google Authenticator app

3. Enter the key code that is shown in your Authenticator app into blesta ( located in point 1 above)

4. At the bottom, enter your current  "blesta" password

5. Click Update.

That's it!

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