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My Licence lifetime no longer works


I purchased a licence on 2nd May 2015.


Ather not using it for the last few years I have tried to use it this week, but it no longer works and says it's invalid.


Can someone help me to find out why my licence key no longer works. 


Many Thanks


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If you haven't used it in that long there is a good chance you need to re-provision your license. You are usually able to do that in your client dashboard where you manage your license.  As you said it is an owned lifetime license this will be on your blesta account page.

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44 minutes ago, Blesta.Store said:

First thing I'd check.

1. Did you change the folder / IP or hostname of the license....?

If yes then you need to re-issue it. If no then you shouldn't have an issue.


Thanks,  I managed to login to blesta.store.   I was trying to log into the licencecart site,  and didn't have access to my domains email server. 


But now managed to get a password reset email from blesta.store and my licence is there.


Many thanks for your help! 

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