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pre action events

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Sometimes we need to block some email providers or client from some countries... ect , and the only way to not do this manually is to have a pre action event for Clients.Add action .it would be perfect to allow as inject our our code before the action then if we want we set errors, as now blesta allow as to inject code after client creation action.

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What do you use to determine if someone should be disallowed to create an account? Perhaps such constraints should be supported by Blesta some other way.

If we had before and after events for actions, I'm not sure we would necessarily prevent an action from completing based on what a before-event does. We currently don't do this with after-events now.

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i have already requested this feature, the competitor do this from years now, they have pre-events and after-events (hooks) and they look to response to complete the action or return the returned errors.

i think this behavior a great way to extend the software and give the developers the ability to do more features and staff . the events now in Blesta is just like a notification system about completed actions, and also i think is no sense for look for after-events return as the action is already completed. 

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