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Changing admin urls with certains values determines not found behaviour for client logged in area

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How to replicate

Change /config/routes.php  ( see https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3469-ability-to-change-admin-url/)
Configure::set("Route.admin", "a"); 

2) Clearing blesta cache from /cache/1/nav/1 

3) The 404 not found behaviour is present in many pages from logged client area:
-client/contacts/ ( when there’s no contact) 
-lack of invoice, transactions listings from dashboard 


The issue was deceiving, because logged in as admin, everything works flawless. 

Only after debugging the issue, logged in as a client, I’ve noticed at first run that $controllerClass comes as ClientAccounts, but at subsequent runs comes wrongly as  AdminAccounts, that triggers the _404 not found controller, due to lack of permissions.

See \web\vendors\minphp\bridge\src\Lib\Dispatcher.php, public static function dispatch($requestUri, $isCli = false)

if (!class_exists($controllerClass) || !method_exists($controllerClass, 'preAction')) {
            throw new Exception(
                sprintf('%s is not a valid controller', $controllerClass),

So for, values like “a”, or “in” for admin_url triggers that behavior. I guess that some kind of escaping is required, but I haven't investigated further. 

On the other hand , Configure::set("Route.admin", "x");  works flawless. Also, there’s not problem with longer admin paths. But, lazy/efficient admins might prefer one letter url admin. 


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44 minutes ago, Blesta.Store said:

Yeah you are setting a route which conflicts with other urls.

The "buggy" admin_urls  ( a,x,in) doesn't exist in blesta. Anyway, blesta should have a validation in place.


44 minutes ago, Blesta.Store said:

Why do you want something short that any tom, dick or harry could guess?

There are pro and cons security throughobscurity.



From my point of view, anyway I shall restrict by IP the admin url. I just love the idea of having one letter admin_url. It's fast and fun. 


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