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Invoice today, debit in a few days


In some situations, we want to send an invoice a few days in advance of debiting the client's credit card.

If I create an invoice today setting Date Billed: 2019-07-10, and Date Due: 2019-07-12 and check "Auto Debit"

When does the client's credit card get billed?

If I set it up as a recurring Invoice, with a 12 Month Term, is there a way for the customer to be invoiced on 2020-07-10 with an auto debit date of 2020-07-12 ?

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Settings > Company > Billing/Payment (and for the client group) has an option for auto debit of same day to 60 days prior to the invoice due date. If auto debit is enabled for the invoice, it will occur based on this setting.

If you bill the client on 7/10, and want them to be charged on 7/12, look at your settings above (or adjust them) to determine what the due date should be for the charge to be attempted on 7/12.

Also look at your "Invoice days before renewal" setting, in the same places as above, to determine how far in advance an invoice is generated.

If you want these values to be different for certain customers, you should put those customers in their own client group and adjust the settings for the group.

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