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DirectAdmin Module Update - version 2.9.0

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With the increased demand in DirectAdmin from those migrating away from cPanel, we took a look at the module and made some modifications to improve it.

  • During checkout, clients will now only be asked for their domain (not username or password)
  • Usernames and passwords are generated automatically (similar to the cPanel module)
  • There is now a password generator when resetting a DirectAdmin password as a client or staff

We'll include the updated DirectAdmin module with Blesta 4.7, but we're including it here for use now in currently supported versions.

Download Here:


To Upgrade or Install:

  1. Back up your installation.
  2. Unzip and upload to /components/modules/ to overwrite your current direct_admin directory.
  3. Visit Settings > Company > Modules to click the upgrade button for the module, or to install it for the first time.

If you have any feedback, please provide it in this thread.

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