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Unable to use AUD currency with square


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Thanks Tyson, I've enabled this and square is available as a payment option now, but I'm testing this out and it appears there are v2 sandbox api's square has now and the integration only works with legacy sandbox api's (depreciated)? if I move to the live square system blesta does not support it gives errors "missing required parameter"?

Assuming the extension needs to be updated to support v2 APIs for Square integration


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It sounds like you will need to use their legacy sandbox for testing, but you can use the Square Checkout API in production without issues.

I can't say what the "missing required parameter" error refers to exactly. I recommend taking a look at the gateway logs in Blesta to see the raw response from the gateway. That may point to the specific problem.

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Thanks Tyson, here are the logs from the gateway paying through Square on the production API:

O:8:"stdClass":1:{s:6:"errors";a:1:{i:0;O:8:"stdClass":4:{s:8:"category";s:21:"INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR";s:4:"code";s:26:"MISSING_REQUIRED_PARAMETER";s:6:"detail";s:27:"Missing required parameter.";s:5:"field";s:5:"order";}}}

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It's odd that it believes the 'order' field is missing. I took a look at the API included with Square in Blesta and it most certainly sets that parameter. Perhaps you could re-upload the source files for the Square gateway to your web server from the Blesta zip you downloaded?

Also, what happens when run on the sandbox?

There may also be other requirements for Square to work properly, for example, only some card types are accepted in Australia, and I think the minimum amount for a transaction could be $1.

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17 hours ago, webcity said:

Hi I'm also in Australia and using AUD which Square supports.

Im' using the Square payment plugin v1.4. I've looked at the square.php file but can't find where to add the AUD currency?


Try editing /components/gateways/nonmerchant/square/config.json


	"version": "1.4.0",
	"name": "Square.name",
	"description": "Square.description",
	"authors": [
			"name": "Phillips Data, Inc.",
			"url": "http://www.blesta.com"
	"currencies": ["CAD", "GBP", "USD"],
	"signup_url": "https://squareup.com/signup"

Add AUD to the list like the other currencies, maintaining the same format.

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