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Currently, configurable options are setup to match the corresponding package term. So, if I have a hosting plan that has monthly, and yearly options, I have to create my configurable option with the exact same terms as my hosting plan. However, I need to understand the reasoning for this functionality. There are times where a client can purchase hosting and migration which is a one-time charge. You can not create a configurable option for a one-time charge if your package has other terms because the configurable option will not show. Many companies sell on-time addons or options at the time of purchase. How should this be handled? 

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You can use add-ons instead of configurable options. Add-ons can have different terms than the main package.

Here's a quick example, I created an add-on package for a one time cost of $200. This package belongs to a package group of the Add-on type named Additional Services.


I assigned the Hosting package group as a parent of the Additional Services package group.


At the moment of adding a new service, regardless of the term of the parent package, the add-on "Migration Service" can be added, even though the parent package is monthly and the add-on is one time.


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Just to add, configurable options only appear for the same term because they cannot renew on their own. So a yearly service could not have a monthly config option - it wouldn't be invoiced every month. However, allowing one-time config options for services of any term is something we are considering. Since they will never renew, it might be fine. If you want to make an official feature request for this, https://requests.blesta.com I'm not sure if one exists.

UPDATE: Looks like there is a task for this at https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-2399 and a request here https://requests.blesta.com/topic/make-mounthlyyearly-package-support-addons-onetime

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