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3 Features: Quantum Vault, LOGICBOXES Privacy Protection, and BILLABLE ITEMS

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I am an old user of WHMCS, and I know the following 3 features are present on that platform. I had purchased Blesta some time ago, but I haven't been able to use it due to some missing features I need.

I have written about the first of the requests below in the forums, and the other 2 requests are suggestions on my particular case, which will make BLESTA complete enough for my needs:


1) CDG commerce Merchant - Quantum Gateway VAULT version (tokenization)- Module




2) LOGICBOXES (ResellerCLub) Module : to allow adding "configurable option: PRIVACY PROTECTION"

I saw a workaround by editing the logicboxes.php file, but didn't work on my case (tested on Blesta 4.10). It makes the "Manage/Editing Services" page under the customer records totally Blank after hitting the "SAVE" button.


(Thanks -Blesta Addons- for the contributed coding)


3) BILLABLE ITEMS: added to Next Invoice created (as I do in WHMCS). For those who Bill bandwidth used in excess of the monthly plan, or for example VOIP services I run a CRON to add that Billable Service Excess of the plan (bandwidth, minutes, etc) per month/cycle to the billing system so it's stored in the Database until the Next Cron generates the regular recurring invoice for that particular Customer, so the "billable item pre-recorded" can be added to that new generated INVOICE. This feature is called "Billable Items" in WHMCS, and accepts entries via API.

I found this but no updates:




Any update to these points will make my transition to Blesta final.


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