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Need Itemized List and Prices to Appear in the EMAIL TEMPLATES

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Hello Paul,

I see there are plans to " Add an HTML invoice for view in the client area, in addition to PDF download ".



But when will this be added to the ACTUAL EMAIL templates for "INVOICE" and for the "PAID RECEIPT" ?


I had yet another client ask me " what " they paid for, and then I had to create a support ticket explaining what they "paid " for with an itemized list that I had to manually "copy and paste" from a PDF within their account.

I also had to tell them that they would have to go online and login to their account. The issue with that is is that they may not remember ( or even have ) their login credentials, meaning they have to go through an UN-necessary process of contacting me only to wait for me to then respond back.

This itemized information and its prices SHOULD already be (1) - displayed in their emails OR (2) - at very least be attached as a PDF to their email. I am aware that the email for the "Invoices" have attached PDF's, but there are NO PDF receipts attached to the "PAID" emails that they receive. Not sure why this is .

I really love Blesta, but this basic feature has been sorely needed for a long time.

And it is UN-necessary to have either us or the client to have to login to their account in order to see an itemized list what they are being billed for, or for what they paid for.


At very least, a PDF of the "PAID" receipt should be "attached" to the "PAID" email.

I mean, "Invoices" that are emailed have an attached PDF, so I am not certain why the "Paid" emails do not have an attached PDF as well .

WHMCS and other companies like water, electric and internet already send "Itemized Lists" that are directly displayed in their emails.


Are there any plans to . . .

1) - Add an HTML Invoice / HTML Receipt to the ACTUAL EMAIL templates for "INVOICE" and for the "PAID RECEIPT" that gets sent to the clients ?

2) - To have it so that "Paid" emails have an "attached" PDF receipt to the email too ?

3) - Or to implement both features ?


Again, I love Blesta, but this is a basic feature that is sorely needed.



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