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reinstall blesta, retain current clients


Hello, im wanting to reinstall blesta while keeping my client data as i seem to be getting errors. some logs show missing tables, others is functions not working when clicked on.

would it be the same as taking a backup removing the current install, create new database, install blesta, reimport backup data?

just dont want to screw it up. im hoping starting from scratch might fix some of the issues (upgrade after upgrade can take its toll)

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There is not a Blesta -> Blesta import. We would recommend resolving any issues with your install. You can start by re-uploading the same version of Blesta you are running to ensure all of the files are correct. If you are getting errors and missing core tables then you need to identify where this failure occurred and correct it. See https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Upgrading+Blesta#UpgradingBlesta-FailedUpgrade/ErrorsAfterUpgrade for steps on that. You need to identify what version of the database you are running. If an upgrade failed, it would have failed while running a particular migration. Just follow the docs there.

For plugin generated tables, the simple solution is to uninstall the plugin and re-install it. You will lose any data that the plugin is responsible for. You can also identify what is missing and correct that as well.

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