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Cannot add order form

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This is my first go at Blesta, and I am starting with V5 beta.
Reason is that for European B2B business a system that doesn't understand VIES is completely useless, that's why I never looked at Blesta up to V4. So I was happy the Beta offers this now and I won't have to give WHMCS another try. Which would fail. Again :)
That said, I have no experience with V4 and I do not know if this bug is related to V5 only:

I set up company, clients and a package with the plesk plugin.
Now I want to create an order form.
The docs here https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Order+System#OrderSystem-InstallingOrderSystem
say I should check if the order plugin is installed. (To enable the Order System widget, go to [Billing] > Overview, click the "Manage Widgets" link, and drag the Orders widget from the right to the left)
I did, and the Plugin is visible and it seems to be on the left side but there is no clear distinction between active and inactive state, see attachment.
Anyway, whichever way I drag it there is no menu entry for the forms, as opposed to the docs saying Once installed, a new link will appear under [Packages] > Order Forms, where order forms can be managed

Seems the plugin is not recognized or something.
Since an order form is quite crucial to the whole business - what is going wrong here? Am I doing something wrong?
Any chance for me to look for errors on mys side?


Thanks in advance! 

Screenshot from 2021-01-08 11-49-15.png

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