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client ID change


Hi guys

I am wondering is it possible to change the default numbering systems for client ID's as I am looking at moving from autotask to blesta for one of our businesses and we have a current client numbering in place.


We are using the following format XXX000001 etc onwards.


Is it possible even at a database level to change the numbering layout.

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Yes and no.  You are looking for the "clients_format" setting which is set to {num} by default.  You would run a query something like

UPDATE `company_settings` SET `value` = 'some-prefix-{num}' WHERE `key` = 'clients_format';

This will do ALMOST what you want, however the prefix is not dynamic. So instead of having IDs like 0001, 0010, and 0100.  It would have to be 0001, 00010, and 000100.

A couple things to note.  First, this is only for the display ID, obviously not the internal ID.  Second, when searching for a client you can use partial IDs.  So a search for 0100 would match 0100 and 000100.

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