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Manually accept in review order



I believe this has happened since upgrading to version 5, I am trying to manually process a service order however I keep having "The status of this service is currently In Review and must be changed to Pending before it can be activated. This can be done through the Orders widget on the Billing Overview page using the Order plugin, or by a third-party plugin responsible for managing orders."

I have gone to this and clicked manage on the in review order, it just brings up basic options etc with no way to change it to approved.

Previously I used to be able to press the tick box and change it to active however now it seems nothing appears when pressing the tick box

Esentially what I am doing is using the order form system to gather data to provide a quotation through, it is easier to do this through Blesta order forms as at the same time the client creates their own account rather than me having to do this myself.

What I need it to do however is go as "In Review" I can then over ride the price accordingly and set it as active, this did used to work.

Hope this makes sense and someone might be able to help.





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