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NameSilo module, bug or feature?


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In writing a new registrar module, I'm testing the behavior of the NameSilo module.

What I didn't realize is that there's 2 ways to add domain packages.  In keeping with one package per TLD, I went to Packages menu and added packages for .com and .net.  I found which database entries created for those packages.

I didn't notice it before, but in the NameSilo module and going into the "Manage Module" page, I see the button for "Manage Packages".  When I click on it I'm brought to a new package screen like above, so I filled it out and added a .org package.  I see all the packages on the "Package" screen, so it looks fine.  

However I notice in the database that the 3rd package created via the module also created entries in module_row_meta for old_packages_map and tld_packages_settings, and it only contains the .org package in there.

So apparently there's two ways to create packages, and they each don't do exactly the same thing.  I see the TLD list is formatted in a table on the Module screen but not on the regular Package screen.

Is this a bug in the interface of the "regular" add Package area (since it didn't create those module_meta_rows?  Do I need to delete the original packages and "only* create domain packages through the domain module?

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OK, I think I see.  To create all domains packages you must do it through the module interface, not the Packages interface on the main screen.  At least I can restore my database and restart this the right way.  It would be nice to indicate that somewhere during module installation or documented somewhere.

One thing that would be nice is to change the package "name" and include the TLD in it so when you view the package list on the main Package interface you don't see a hundred "Domain Registration" packages.  Or I guess that can also be a feature to discourage you from using that interface to update a price.

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