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order form problem



I'm using NameSilo and Plesk.  I've created 2 order forms, one domain only, and another domain and other.

The domain only form works fine.  The domain and other form allows you to check availability, returns the list/table, but doesn't fill in the "Term" field and returns to start if you submit it.

Is there something special you need to get it to fill in the order form?  What am I missing?

The domains have annual terms, the plesk has an annual term too.  But I would like to be able to do domains by year(s), and hosting by months or years.

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I'm at a loss here...  I've been digging through the documentation for days and days...  Is there some logic with the domain terms related to the plesk terms?  What can make the domain terms not populate?

Actually, this used to work in version 5.0.2 when I tested it, but I'm now working with 5.0.4 and I wondering if that may have something to do with it.  I see name silo patches going into 5.0.5.

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In case anyone else runs into this, I figured I'd post the solution.  There's a setting in currencies:

Use Package Pricing for New Services Only 

that needs to be unchecked.  There's also an issue with the admin interface and safari that doesn't show the currency checkbox(es) on the order form so no currency can be selected.  So you cannot choose any currency on the order form while using safari.

You need to use chrome or firefox as an administrator.  There's an issue with CSS handling with safari.


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