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New show-stopper appears: Proxmox VPS For Blesta!


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The all-new release of Proxmox VE 7.0 has made quite an impression on the community. This particular event, just as much as plenty of your requests for more Blesta modules, has pushed us into launching a forward-thinking Kickstarter initiative featuring a twin to our legendary WHMCS product.

Show your sympathy for Proxmox VPS For Blesta!

Proxmox VPS For Blesta will be second to none when it comes to introducing full automation into the provisioning of Proxmox virtual machines, as well as enabling your clients to manage them directly in your Blesta system.

Naturally, we would never dare to forget about the choice of unique rewards reserved for our precious supporters. Multiple discounts, exclusive early beta access, or even a featured brand testimonial on the ModulesGarden homepage - what else is there to ask for?

Together we can do everything and more!

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