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Dera All Community users,


We are pleased to announce that we have released the AWS Lightsail reseller module for Blesta.


Client Area Features

With AWS Lightsail Module you can allow your clients full access over their servers and you don’t have to worry about technical assistance anymore. Here is all your clients can do now to manage their servers automatically.


  1. Server information
    Your customers can see the server information (like OS name, hostname, server private/static IP, RAM, CPU, disk, region, disk storage and SSH detail to login with server root)
  2. Power On / Power Off / Reboot
    Your clients can start, stop, reboot the server directly from the client area.
  3. Manage Snapshots
    Customers are allowed to create snapshot backup, delete and restore specific snapshot to server.
  4. Stats
    Your customers can see stats in the client area like CPU Overview, CPU Burst, incoming/outgoing network traffic, instance status check failures, system status check failures.
  5. Firewall Management
    Your customers can manage firewall rules from the clientarea.
  6. Server Activity logs
    Your customers can see the server activity logs from clientarea.

Admin Area Features

AWS Lightsail Module Module provides many features in the Blesta admin panel where the admin can easily manage the maximum required action directly from the admin are



  1. Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate Server
    Admin can manually create, suspend, unsuspend and terminate the server from Blesta admin.
  2. Start/Stop/Reboot
    Admin can directly start, stop and reboot the server from specific client service under Blesta admin.
  3. Server Information
    Admin can see the server information in admin side with specific client service.
  4. AWS Launch Scripts
    Module allows the admin to configure the launch scripts for each OS. Admin can set its own launch script with a specific operating system.
  5. Custom Email Templates
    Admin can manage the server welcome email template from admin side.
  6. Product Configurable Options
    Admin can manage the auto created required product configurable options from the admin side.


Product link : https://whmcsglobalservices.com/blesta-amazon-lightsail-module/

Pricing Starting From : $5/mo

Order Link : https://whmcsglobalservices.com/order/?pid=207






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