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(Free) Simple Discord Messenger

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Discord Messenger

Simple messenger for Blesta which sends messages to a Discord Webhook.
Create a new Webhook, assign it in Blesta settings for the messenger, enable notifications and get messages for ticket updates and new orders straight into a Discord channel.

Messenger will send all of the data to the specified Webhook, it does not care to which staff member it was intended to go - Everything is sent from everyone! (if they have notices enabled)


More Info, Gallery & Readme: https://code-cats.com/blesta/discord/
Purchase: https://my.code-cats.com/order/config/index/blesta_plugins/?group_id=16&pricing_id=167
Download (After purchase, requires login): https://my.code-cats.com/plugin/download_manager/client_main/index/2/


Quick Support:

  • How to setup the Messenger?
    After you have installed it, go to top right Settings > Messengers (/admin/settings/company/messengers/installed/) and find the "Discord" Messenger.
    Click on "Manage" and input your Webhook URL which you got from Discord, then click "Update Settings".
    Next on the left side under "Messengers" click on "Messenger Configuration" and assign Discord to the SMS Message Type (Currently the only one supported by Blesta).
    Last step is to verify if messages are enabled, again on the left side under "Messengers" to go "Message Templates".
    You should see a couple of templates. Edit each one of them and make sure they are enabled if you want to receive their notifications.
    While you are on this page, you can edit the message contents, keep in mind that they will be posted in a Discord Embed and **you can use Discord text formatting!**
  • Not getting order notifications?
    In your admin panel, go to Billing > Overview (/admin/billing/index/).
    Scroll to the bottom. You should see an "Orders" panel. In its corner, there is a cogwheel for changing its settings. (This)
    Click on it, then under "Order Notifications" enable "Messengers".
    Click "Update Settings" to save your changes.
  • Not getting ticket notifications?
    In your admin panel, go to Support > Departhments (/admin/plugin/support_manager/admin_departments/)
    Edit your desired department and check "Send Auto-Response Emails for New Tickets".
    Save your changes by clicking "Edit Department".




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