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Blesta themeslets discuss


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Have been toying with BLESTA the past year and trying to identify the best way to create a user friendly theme.

In my opinion only the HEADER and FOOTER section + order forms should be integrated to match your website, and then an html, php or wordpress template (depends on user experience), should be used for your product pages, apart of the order forms., i will list here few of the major issue i have encounter with this and looking forward for your insight.


Blesta Template as front end.

Issues :

Using the portal results in a boxed layout, couldn;t find a way to alter it without editing the plugin.

New pages Require coding

Not sure if its wise to use blesta as your front end.


Using a PHP - HTML or Wordpress template along with Blesta

Affiliates links are not working, looking for ways to make them work

You have to duplicate footer and header links

Integration can be someone challenging

BLESTA ADMIN - client area

Changes here are easy to be added and to beutify blesta, it will be nice id the colour scheme could be decided within the template in the settings and not external.


Working on adding some extra statistics


As the work goes on before i share few templates with the community

Here is a template of a themeforest template integrated with blesta :



Still trying to understand how blesta works and how to make designing user friendly.



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