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(Paid) Announcements Plugin

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Easy to use Announcements plugin for Blesta.
Show Announcements and alerts in the Client Dashboard.


More Info, Gallery & Readme: https://code-cats.com/blesta/announcements/
Purchase: https://my.code-cats.com/order/config/index/blesta_plugins/?group_id=12&pricing_id=169
Download (After purchase, requires login): https://my.code-cats.com/plugin/download_manager/client_main/index/7/


Install the Plugin

1. Upload the source code to a /plugins/announcements/ directory within
your Blesta installation path.

    For example:


3. Log in to your admin Blesta account and navigate to
> Settings > Plugins

4. Find the Announcements plugin and click the "Install" button to install it

5. You're done!


Quick Support

I don't have a widget in the admin panel

You need to manually add the widget, to do this:
- Go to "Home"
- On the left side, click "Manage Widgets"
- Drag "Announcements" to the left side
- Close "Manage Widgets" window

What's the difference between "Summary" and "Content"?

- Summary:
Quick small description shown on the admin widget, client widget, and client announcement list - Supports markdown

- Content:
Full content of the announcement. Accessible by clicking "Read More" in the client widget or client announcement list




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4 minutes ago, Xerong said:

Is there one already installed? I want to see what it looks like in person.

As in a live demo?

No, there isn't at the moment - though I might be able to setup a quick private demo.

Only preview at the moment is those images above and here: https://my.code-cats.com/plugin/announcements/client_main

Though that one is with a custom Blesta theme... and also I still haven't made it work with announcememts properly...

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