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Blesta Wordpress Bridge


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Hello Blesta,


We are happy to inform you that we were building a  Blesta Wordpress Bridge since last November.  Two months hard work helped  us to solve each challenges we faced. I'll be posting screen shots early next week. And we will be releasing the wordpress plugin next month.


We will be making  unlimited revisions on it to keep the customers happy :)

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Can you please check http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1725-blesta-wordpress-bridge-screen-shots/

and let me know your comments?


looks great but its seem iframe page we are looking for full integration using blesta api so you can use same wordpress theme and full control anyway its good start keep your work up mate :)

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I Agree with m0hamedessam about looking like an iframe page, and think the way to make it look right  is to create a Blesta theme that strips out some the theme styles and uses wordpress theme class's and css. WHMCS wordpress bridge does this by utilizing WHMCS Portal Template.   Portal theme is s striped down basic theme, with a theme like that in place It would no longer look like an Iframe.  

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8 hours ago, BlestaStore said:

That's outdated mate.

That sounds like my updated bridge I was making for joomla and other cms effectively named C!Blesta for Cms so it is generic as I found the source code for j blesta and have been working on it for a while off and on when time permits  

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11 minutes ago, EMar said:

Ahh I don't think I'll be reverting back to joomla for this project.
A few bridges for different cms would be handy, wp, joomla etc.

that was my intention on naming it "C"Blesta so it is generic for CMS, plan to make bridges for modx, concrete5, joomla and others. but as stated it is a project I work on when I get time here and there.

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Well the sooner someone actually creates a bridge the sooner others can do the integration.

Not every single person that wants to use blesta will know how to do their own integration.
It's kind of like building 4 walls and telling someone now go live in your new home.

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