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Server Hunter Sync - Automatically sync stock and prices with Server Hunter, a list of virtual and dedicated servers offered by hundreds of providers

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Server Hunter Sync

Automatically sync stock, name, visibility, prices and currency of your Blesta Packages with Server Hunter Offers.


Easily browse over 28,000 virtual and dedicated servers offered by hundreds of hosting providers to find your perfect server at the lowest price.


More Info, Gallery & Readme: https://code-cats.com/blesta/serverhunter/
Purchase: https://my.code-cats.com/order/config/index/blesta_plugins/?group_id=16&pricing_id=195
Download (After purchase, requires login): https://my.code-cats.com/plugin/download_manager/client_main/index/12/


Install the Plugin

1. Upload the source code to a /plugins/server_hunter_sync/ directory within
your Blesta installation path.

    For example:


3. Log in to your admin Blesta account and navigate to
> Settings > Plugins

4. Find the Server Hunter Sync plugin and click the "Install" button to install it

5. You're done!


Setting up

Once you've installed the Plugin, go to "Manage" on the plugin and input your API key which you've got on Server Hunter by navigating to:
Information for Providers > Manage Accoun > Manage (On your company) > API > Generate API Key

Quick Support

Pricing/terms are not synced properly, why is that?

Make sure you've selected the proper currency.
After that, make sure that you have one of the supported terms setup on your package with that currency:

  • 1 - Year
  • 6 - Month
  • 3 - Month
  • 1 - Month
  • 1 - Week
  • 1 - Day










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