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Blestarized - Ultimate Blesta Admin Template


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Blestarized - Modern Blesta Admin Template

Blestarized is a clean and smart blesta admin template & theme for your every day use.
It includes a bunch of features & skins in a modern & responsive UX that will ease your every day work with Blesta.
What's included:

  • Modern admin template.
  • Continuous development & feature adding.
  • Current extra Skins & new Skins
  • License for 1 domain
  • Support 24 / 7 - Skype, discord and email.


Honest message:


This theme & template is in it's early stages, it has far bigger potentional than what you currently see. Therefore this theme will have a yearly membership. You'll receive everything, current & new updates/features at 59$ / per year.

You can cancel any time you wish and continue to use it on 1 domain (lifetime), though, you won't be able to download the newest versions/updates/features or get our support.

I like to think that it's really worth your investment!


Theme Demo:

Purchase this theme:

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I've decided to reduce Blestarized's pricing to 39$ [from 59$] per year to make the template more accessible by the Blesta community, affected immediately! All current clients will get refunded the remaining difference in their method of payment in matter of 2 weeks max!

No coupon needed, pricing change is permanently.


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