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[Module] Froxlor


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Hello guys,

I made a Blesta module that integrates Froxlor into Blesta similar to the cPanel module. Froxlor is a very lightway webhosting control panel written in PHP. It features all basic system management tasks required for webhosting and can be installed manually or from Debian packages. Froxlor allows the creation of standard users as well as resellers based on pre-defined or custom plans.

This module enables the creation of users and resellers via Blesta. Whilst users may be created based on pre-defined hosting-plans only, resellers can be assigned custom resources.

The installation of the module is pretty easy. You need a working froxlor installation before you can use this module.

  1. Download the file of a module release from Github
  2. Exract the content into your "/components/modules" folder and rename this folder to "froxlor"
  3. Go to the modules section in Blesta admin panel and install the Froxlor module
  4. On the page you're redirected to after installation, click on "Add Server".
  5. Generate an API Key in your Froxlor panel (top right menu "Options")
  6. Copy those API Keys into the corresponding fields in Blesta and click "Add Server"
  7. The server can be used now just like any other server resource.

Github: GitHub - Hosting-MP/blesta-froxlor: This is a module for Blesta to which it adds integribility with froxlor.




Auto-Login directly from Blesta is supported.

This module enables the service management in Blesta but it doesn't replace the Froxlor web panel. You cannot modify any services directly from this module, except for password changes of the account. Additionally, this module doesn't sync attributes like name, customer-number, address etc. with Froxlor. This data is added on creation only. For sync an additional plugin is required.




I hope you can make use of this module. Should you encounter any trouble, please create an issue at Github or reply in this thread.

I'll update the wiki at Github with some useful tips over the next days. Additionally, compatibility with Froxlor 11.0 is planned soon, even though this Froxlor version is still in alpha (as of June 2022) but it looks like there's just few changes in the API required. It's yet to be tested if upgrades are working but this depends on Froxlor itself mostly. fixed

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