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Problem with the user function of the ispconfig module.

Micahel Yoon

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There is a problem with the user function of the ispconfig module.

Blesta 5.5.3
ISPConfig 1.9.0

If you click the Statistics menu of the service, the following error appears.

Something went wrong.
Undefined property: stdClass::$type.
Undefined property: stdClass::$type on line 1192 in

1181 public function tabClientStats($package, $service, array $get = null, array $post = null, array $files = null)
1182 {
1183 $this->view = new View('tab_client_stats', 'default');
1185 // Load the helpers required for this view
1186 Loader::loadHelpers($this, ['Form', 'Html']);
1188 $stats = $this->getStats($package, $service);
1190 $this->view->set('stats', $stats);
1192 $this->view->set('user_type', $package->meta->type);
1194 $this->view->setDefaultView('components' . DS . 'modules' . DS . 'ispconfig' . DS);
1196 return $this->view->fetch();
1197 }

If you dump the data at that location, there is actually no type in the meta data.
1192 file_put_contents('/logs_blesta/dump.log',print_r($package, TRUE), FILE_APPEND);
1193 //$this->view->set('user_type', $package->meta->type);

>> Dump data
stdClass Object
    [package] => 0
    [php_options] => Array
            [php-fpm] => php-fpm

    [ssh_options] => Array
            [no] => no


If you comment out the code, it works normally.

Am I missing data($type) because of what I did wrong?
Or is it something else?

I have been studying and modifying for nearly a year to use Blesta. It's fun, but now is the time to use it.

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