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Cancelling service package

Paul Chung

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I'm a hosting reseller using NameHero as my server provider. NameHero provides Blesta as a free option for the reseller and recently I was able to set up my billing on Blesta. Yesterday, I added a package to one of my clients services on Blesta but decided to cancel after I activated the service. When I cancelled the service, instead of just canceling the billing, it actually deleted the entire account on my server so that all the related files on that client's website was gone from my server. My question is, how do you just cancel the billing so that if does not affect the server?

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 4.04.29 AM.png

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i feel to cancel the billing you can do either of the two

1. use a coupon code for 100% free

2. incase you do no wish to delete the account, you may suspend it, but you will not be able to use the suspended account till its active/unsuspended

just to note, when we cancel an account it will delete it completely

let me know if the coupon-code thing works for your plan!

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