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Please Read Before Starting A Thread!


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This forum was created to serve as a place to find extensions that don't ship with Blesta. Typically, these are 3rd party extensions and this forum is a place to list your extensions.


Ultimately The Marketplace will replace this thread, however it's not available yet.


Ok, here are the rules:

  1. Please start 1 new thread per-extension with the name of your extension.
  2. Only start a thread if you created the extension.
  3. Feel free to include specifics about the extension, including information, screenshots, and a link to your website where it can be purchased or downloaded.

NOTE! If there is an extension missing from this forum, feel free to PM me and I'll try to contact the author to get them to list it here, or I'll list it myself with information that is publicly available.

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1 hour ago, ThemeMetro said:

Hi Paul,

I am new here, Could you please share the information, How can list in New Market place.



KC Sharma

Hi mate you need an account with account.blesta.com and then you can log in to marketplace.blesta.com and post your themes. If you don't have one DM / email Paul at sales@.

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11 minutes ago, PointPubMedia said:

How I can download again the Resend welcome email plugin...  I have the free access and I already buy some plugin... but can't find how to download again...

This is a custom development from a third party. you can download any/all of his plugins/modules from his website www.blesta-addons.com with the appropriate membership level to his website (i believe resend welcome email is under his free subscription level)

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7 minutes ago, PointPubMedia said:

I already have the free membership but I can't find the download link....

After your logged in click here or copy the url directly below. it will take you where you can  view your subscription and theres a button that will say "List Downloads" from here you can download all you have access to


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