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Blesta Domain Audit


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My mission is to verify that all the domains we manage are setup in Blesta with the correct renewal dates.

We have relationships with two domain registrars, enom and namesilo.  They both have officially support Blesta modules.

additional note: 

- The namesilo module's domain audit tool errors out with

Monolog\ErrorHandler->handleError Line 699

/var/www/{path to install}/components/modules/namesilo/namesilo.php
array(5) {
  string(43) "Trying to get property 'meta' of non-object"

Since the audit tool is not working for me,  I'm attempting to pull the data  I need remotely via the API.  The Blesta API doc makes me think that because because of what it says at the very bottom.


..plugin model methods are also callable through the API.

To test, the 'getAll' function in Blesta's module-namesilo seems like a good way to get an array of all the namesilo domains in Blesta....


* Returns a list of domains for the particular user.


* @param array $vars An array of input params including:


* - portfolio (optional) portfolio to fetch domains for

* @return NamesiloResponse


public function getList(array $vars)


return $this->api->submit('listDomains', $vars);


I've tried every combo I can think of to access....

https://{blesta install domain}/api/domains/getList.json
https://{blesta install domain}/api/namesilo/getList.json
  "message": "The requested resource does not exist.",
  "response": null

https://{blesta install domain}/api/namesilo/domains/getList.json
https://{blesta install domain}/api/module-namesilo/domains/getList.json
https://{blesta install domain}/api/module-namesilo/domains/getList.json
  "message": "The format requested is not supported by the server.",
  "response": null


I'm having the same issues of not know the paths when trying to pull tickets out of  Blesta's `support manager` plugin.


My questions.....

How do I identify remote callable model functions that return a json response in Blesta supported models and plugins?  Link to examples? 

Is the getList function in `module-namesilo`?

Assuming it will work, what's the correct path?

Is there a better approach for getting all the domains out of Blesta, ideally in a list I can filter by registrar, status, etc.   Perhaps getting a list of `services` and filtering by the service_id for namesilo and enom?   

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