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Client Documents Plugin


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This plugin allows you to upload files to a particular client's account. It also adds a navigation link called "Documents" in the client interface, which displays all files uploaded to that client with a link to download each.


Special thanks to PointPub Media for sponsoring this plugin.


post-2-0-86298500-1391810470_thumb.png post-2-0-92592000-1391810484_thumb.png post-2-0-41575900-1391810493_thumb.png


Minimum Requirements:

  • Blesta 3.1+


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That's a bummer because 3.0 is no longer in active development, and 3.2 will be out soon. Things are moving fast. Big changes!

I really like how things are moving! It looks like a great year! Keep up the good work!

I realize you probably have lots of custom code but I would begin evaluating moving to 3.1.1 or especially 3.2 when it is released.

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  • 1 month later...

I tried but I can not log in as admin.


Weird :s do you get a error? wait about 30 minutes to see if your banned from Blesta. (It does lock you out if you fail to log in) and if that doesn't work try your cache.


I had a issue where MYSQL failed and when fixed it played up. Next day I could log in again.

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This Plugin is a good one and should be included in all the newer versions of blesta.


Just 1 quick note to add.

There should be a way in the admin interface to make certain documents private. 


They are per customer only. No-one else except the admin and the customer can see files on their account.

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