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Pterodactyl expansion (Additionally to the Blesta module)


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Dear Blesta Community

the sale of our Pterodactyl expansion is imminent, so I'm happy to share with you the first official announcement today.

Our module is based on the existing module from Blesta, appropriate documentation for the installation of the module is of course included.

But what can the Pterodactyl Extended module do?
If you use our module, your customer can perform 99% of the functions available in Pterodactyl directly in his Blesta account:

- Start / stop / restart server
- View the status of the server
- Call the console of the server
- view server statistics (uptime, CPU load, memory usage, disk usage, traffic details)
- Manage possible databases
- Manage shedules
- User management
- Backup management
- View / edit network
- View/edit startup
- View / edit settings (SFTP details, Change Server details, Debug information, Server reinstall)

For easier illustration I have attached a few screenshots, so you can get a first impression.

The module currently supports PHP version 8, a version for PHP7 could be provided on request.

The module is encrypted! You will receive a license key after purchase, which can only be used for one domain. A reissue is of course possible at any time by pressing a button.

The price of the module will be 99 Euro. Included in the price are updates for one year. The module can also be used without updates.

The module can be customized to your design! If you want us to do the whole thing for you, please contact our support - we will make you a suitable offer.

I am looking forward to your first feedback!

Kind regards











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