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[Plugin] Support Manager Pro - Tickets Delete, Merge, Spam, Multiple Tickets.


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Hello FiRari 


Sorry for the late replay, only now after you PM me I saw this post 


The problem in notification, is normal because after you update the files that Support Manager Pro changes, it disapper after upgrades.

Since the New Blesta 3.3 this will never appen again because it dosent need to write in Core File anymore for Notification to work 


We will release next week the update for Support Manager Pro to fully support Blesta 3.3 


Does the character encoded appera wen importing by PIPE/IMAP/POP or wen oppening a new ticket inside blesta as an Admin or Client?

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So sorry, My english is not enough. 


I just test it now, when i install default support manager pro not a problem so good working but get a problem when to be only support manager pro. you can look attachment



No problem :) My english is not very good also  :P


OK, I was asking that, because maybe it was some source of new character coding in Blesta 3.3, but it seams not :)


I will test and fix it, releasing the new Support Manager Pro next week compatible with Blesta 3.3 :)

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Hello blestars :P


A new Update for Support Manager Pro :)


This version is only for Blesta 3.3 or above

Added New:
- All fixes and improvments from Support Manager Core in Blesta 3.3
- Added Red Badge to Client Area to show also the tickets Awaiting for Reply sended from Staff.
- Services Tab in Admin Ticket Reply, that display all services from the client. (latter we will try to add an option to select a service from Staff and Client to associate in Ticket)

- Deleting all Replies from Tickets still display the Ticket in Satus and Badge count.
- Bad encoding in latin characters.

- Renamed "Add to Delete" to "Move to Trash"
- Renamed "Deleted" to "Trash" (because the tickets are not deleted are only in Trash, but you can still permenant delet them )
- Optimised code to support the new "events", and now is not needed to change core files.

See first post how to install or upgrade :)


Hope you like it ;)

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Thank you for update. We need to that. i just update it, but changed all my language. i must be change language again. is it right ?



The "English" Language File is always replaced with a new one on every upgrade, but you can replace the original with one of your support manager pro, blesta backups (if you have done before the upgrade) :)

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Thank you very much for answers.


The other question : i added new staff in departmant. There are two staff in it. If customers sending a ticket help desk departmant, first staff not seem notification. But second staff not problem, it can be see new notification. You can check on the screen shot


Notification, is it seem only one staff ?



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