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NameSilo Module DNS Record Creation Failure


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  1. When creating any record on any domain using the NameSilo reseller module, you get a success message however NO DNS records are created. Deleting records works.
  2. Steps
    1. Register a Domain using Namesilo Reseller Module
    2. Activate DNS Management
    3. Go to DNS Management Page (https://client.enzonix.com/client/services/manage/SERVICE-ID/tabClientDnsRecords/)
    4. Try to Create any record
      1. ?raw=1
    5. Receive Success Message
      1. ?raw=1
    6. Verified Theme is not the issue.
  3. No Generated Errors, No Logs, No Console Logs, Everything Looks successful. 
  4. https://client.enzonix.com/client/services/manage/SERVICE-ID/tabClientDnsRecords/
  5. Screenshots attached above
  6. Server Information
    1. cPanel (CentOS)
    2. Blesta: 5.6.1
    3. NameSilo Module: 2.1.3
    4. PHP 7.4
    5. MySQL 5.7.37
  7. Please do let me know if there is any specific place that I should be looking for errors on this specific matter.


Looks like there are already at least 3 other reports of this, I might take a look into the code and see what is going on soon.



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