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Send Invoice Receipts to assigned contact

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Just a quick suggestion, a big pain point for us is that there is typically someone in an Accounts Receivables or Accounting department that handles the invoices for the company, while we can designate them to receive the initial invoices for payment, it would be nice if they were able to receive the "Paid" invoices as well and maybe just BCC the Primary Owner on the account. Often times the Primary Contact is complaining that they are receiving these and asking them to be sent to the assigned contact.


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Thank you for sharing your suggestion regarding the handling of invoices in the Accounts Receivables or Accounting department. It seems like you're experiencing some challenges with the current process and have identified an opportunity for improvement.

In your suggestion, you mentioned that it would be helpful if the designated person in the Accounts Receivables or Accounting department could receive both the initial invoices for payment and the "Paid" invoices. Additionally, you suggested that they could BCC the Primary Owner on the account, reducing the need for the Primary Contact to be involved in this communication.

This is indeed a valid point and can help streamline the communication process within your company. By having the designated person receive the "Paid" invoices and including the Primary Owner as a BCC recipient, it can alleviate the burden on the Primary Contact, who is currently responsible for handling these requests. This way, the Primary Contact can focus on other tasks without being bothered by these communications.

Implementing this change would require some adjustments to the workflow and communication protocols within your organization. It's important to ensure that the designated person in the Accounts Receivables or Accounting department has the necessary access and permissions to handle the "Paid" invoices and initiate the BCC communication to the Primary Owner.

I would recommend discussing your suggestion with the relevant stakeholders, such as the Accounts Receivables or Accounting department and the Primary Contact. By involving them in the conversation, you can gather their input, address any concerns, and collaborate on finding the best solution for all parties involved.

Remember that effective communication and clear guidelines will be crucial for the successful implementation of this suggestion. By actively considering the pain points and feedback from your team members, you can work towards optimizing your invoice management process and enhancing overall efficiency.

I hope this helps, and I wish you the best in improving your invoice handling procedures. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to ask.

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