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Parallel Payment Optimizer, or “Parallel” for short is a revolutionary new way to increase revenue and lower customer attrition. Parallel is a free plugin for Blesta.
How does it do it?
Parallel utilizes a global cloud of specialized helper bots to send friendly little signals to nonpaying customers. These signals softly nudge your customers into logging in and making payment where other methods of collection typically fail.
We're already working on ideas for the next revision of the plugin. One idea is to automate the parallel process by identifying nonpaying customers automatically.
Watch the video and download the plugin from the original blog post at http://www.blesta.com/2014/03/31/parallel-payment-optimizer-video-free-plugin/, then come back here and tell us what you think.

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It's just friendly little signals that give them pause for a little while, so they can remember that they owe you money. :)


Have you installed the plugin yet? Give it a spin.


Just going to download it mate and sort the account out now the SQL is sorted lol.

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Something smell very fishy here, dont you think?? :P


I going to shut my mouth until Im 100% serten lol and make a fool of myself ;)


lollllllllllll 100% serten what I have seen


Very GOOD Plugin lolllllllll


Have a nice DAY to you all :)


I have found a small "bug" lol


Open file: parallel_po/views/default/admin_main.pdt
See the lines 321 and 322
					"XXXXX ",




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