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showing control panel login details in service info page


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Hi friends,

I'm new to blesta and not that good in php either.

I want to show control panel(DirectAdmin) login info which includes user, password, hostname and control panel url inside service information page for all customers.

I tried going thru developer docs but could not understand much.

I created the following editing .pdt file, but dont know what php code to use to get control panel info from blesta.


Could any one please help me on this?

-Raghavendra H I

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I understand this is very trivial and all devs are busy.

But, can any one direct me to an example php code where I request and get back info from blesta?

I can directly connect to blesta db and get the values. But, the password is encrypted and cant understand how to decrypt it. It will be great if I can find a simple code which demonstrates how to request and get back data from blesta(may be thru api use).

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