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I created a shared hosting package, configured the order form for domain and other and put it live. A client then needs to either search for buying a new name, search for buying a transfer fee to us, or skipping. If the client has a domain they own, where is the option to use an existing name? Skip is irrelevant and makes no sense as they cannot checkout. I’m missing something obvious, but can’t find it in the documentation.  How should we be doing this? 

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1 hour ago, psybox said:

no answer? not possible, or just a well kept secret? Im happy to be pointed to the relevant information if anyone knows or can help.

Hey, sorry for the delay. Since our Discord server is more popular we don't check the forums as frequently.

On the domain availability check page for Domain and Other order forms, "Skip, Order Other Items" is the option to select if you want to order hosting and not order or transfer a domain. It'll take you to the hosting plans, and ask for the domain after a plan is selected.

You can change the text of the button if you prefer. The language can be updated in these locations:

/plugins/order/views/templates/ajax/language/en_us/domain.php:$lang['Domain.lookup.other_btn'] = 'Skip, Order Other Items';
/plugins/order/views/templates/wizard/language/en_us/domain.php:$lang['Domain.lookup.other_btn'] = 'Skip, Order Other Items';


Just to add, if Skip doesn't let you select a hosting plan, you may not have your hosting packages assigned to a package group, and the group assigned to the order form in the multi-select area. Packages > Order Forms: Edit.

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