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Blesta not Billing for domains



I am a web designer and I host many of my client's website.

I am using Namesilo as registrar and Blesta domain manager for the domains.

I set a renewal date in Blesta, that may or may not align with the actual renewal date in Namesilo. These are longer term clients, so I set the domains to auto-renew in Namesilo so we don't lose the domain if a client forgets to pay.

This has worked fine for years. However, recently (I assume after my latest upgrade of Blesta), it no longer sends out invoice for the domains.


As an example ...

 I have a domain "sampledomain.com." The namesilo renewal date is 11/1/2023. The renewal date in Blesta is 11/15/23. It will send out upcoming renewal notices, etc, just fine. But after 11/1/23, once it is has renewed at Namesilo,  it won't send out an invoice to the client, because it sees the domain is no longer expiring. How do I get Blesta to still send an invoice each year, even if the domain is already renewed in Namesilo?

I want blesta to bill based on the renewal date I set, regardless of what the actual renewal date is. And I want Namesilo to renew regardless of whether or not the person pays in Blesta. This has worked for years, why has it stopped working??


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