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Openprovider not able to register tlds


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ive got the openprovider registration module from github.

That is a fork because the offical repo is not longer maintaned.


Ive installed the module connect my account and created order forms, packages.

Now i am unable to reach the order forms because "too many redirects"

When i access the order form directly, that is working well.

I can search a domain name but it cant be found "Domain name not supported"

In the logs i found the following entry.

general.WARNING: E_WARNING: Undefined variable $tld {"code":2,"message":"Undefined variable $tld","file":"/home/site/public_html/components/modules/openprovider/openprovider.php","line":1814} 

[2023-12-17T19:19:38.174816+00:00] general.NOTICE: E_NOTICE: unserialize(): Error at offset 0 of 1 bytes {"code":8,"message":"unserialize(): Error at offset 0 of 1 bytes","file":"/home/site/public_html/plugins/order/models/order_forms.php","line":703} 

Any idea whats wrong with it ?





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You should not create any packages. This module ships with Blesta 5.9.0 BETA 1, which was released Friday. You should install the beta, then activate the registrar module under Packages > Domain Options > Registrars, and set your pricing under Packages > Domain Options > TLD Pricing.

The very old method of creating your own packages for domains is no longer supported, domains use the Domain Manager.

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On 12/25/2023 at 12:21 PM, wiraport said:

Hi thanks for your reply any merry chrismas.

I should use an beta for productional use ?


We don't usually recommend using a beta in production, that's up to you, but since the module was just added in 5.9 that would be the version to use. You may also be able to download 5.9.0-b1 and unzip it and copy the module from the beta to a 5.8.2 installation, I believe it is compatible.

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5 hours ago, wiraport said:

Okay, I will try this.

how should I use the module in combination with hosting packages ?

where can I link it to register domains before choosing a hosting package ?


After you configure your TLDs and pricing under Packages > Domain Options, create an order form of the type "Domain and Other" under Packages > Order Forms. This will create an order form with a domain search box, then continue to hosting plans as you've assigned to the order form.

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