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[Free] Time Tracking For Freelancers Plugin


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Its been a very, very long while since I added anything to this but here's a doozy of one.


If you use Git, and have access to GitLab (free to install and use), this plugin is definitely for you!


GitLab Time Tracking plugin is meant for freelancers to monitor the amount of work done on a project.  When a push w/ multiple commits is made, the plugin calculates how much time went between the first and last commit and stores that data.


That's not all, though!  It also will generate an invoice for you based on a pre-defined set of intervals (minutes, hours and days).  So, for example, if you charge $15 every 30 minutes of work, and you do 2 hours of work, it will generate an invoice of $60.  Invoices can either be active (default) or draft as well.


If you want to clear a project's data from the plugin, just click "Purge Data" and click "Yes" to the prompt.


While this only works with GitLab right now, it is possible to do this with GitHub and possibly others as well.  If there's interest this will be fitted to GitHub first and possibly others after.


The only thing we can address as a "odd" feature is that the quantity for the invoice is as specific as possible, but this is due to rounding issues causing different end money totals (i.e.: 10.1711 x $50/hr = $508.56 but 10.17 x $50/hr = $508.50).  This can be patched in but for now we are leaving it as is.  We want the community's feedback on this.


Here are some screenshots courtesy of Licensecart for the bandwidth/storage:


Initial Settings



Populated Data


Creating an Invoice


Invoice Details



Download + More Information

To download this and get more information, you can download it at http://lab.anzensolutions.com/anzen-solutions/gitlab_time_tracking

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