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I did this for my own html emails, but by request, I'm happy to share it with everyone for their own use. Again, credit to LicenseCart for the email tags setup that he shared here.


Note: You will need to locate the "INSERT YOUR...." statements that I added to help you add your links and images. I did not spend more than 5 minutes doing the editing for sharing, so you might find that I missed a few things you need to personalize. This is a really stripped down html file that will likely not load locally if you try. However, if you paste in the email template (using the Source) option in the editor) you should see it perfectly. All of my images were removed so you can make it your own.


All of the CSS is inline, so you can change things easily. There are no comments as I did not want to increase the line count that had to be processed every time this was sent out.


You can easily use this for all of your email templates but just editing the text. I currently have it running for everything from ticket response to credit card approval.


Feel free to use and share within the community!






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