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[Blesta 3.2.1-3.5.1] Universal Module Workaround: Show Service Fields At Client Panel

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As other users reported in the forum, this issue is making troubles for services that doesn't have proper provisioning modules.

By doing the following changes, a Tab will appear at client's manage service page, showing all the service fields that have the public_ tag on their name.

1. Open components/modules/universal_module/universal_module.php

        private function isUrl($str) {
                return preg_match("#^\S+://\S+\.\S+.+$#", $str);

Add After:

         * Returns all tabs to display to a client when managing a service whose
         * package uses this module
         * @param stdClass $package A stdClass object representing the selected package
         * @return array An array of tabs in the format of method => title. Example: array('methodName' => "Title", 'methodName2' => "Title2")
        public function getClientTabs($package) {
                return array(
                        'moreinfo' => array('name' => "More Info", 'icon' => "fa fa-gears")
     * The More Info tab
     * @param stdClass $package A stdClass object representing the current package
         * @param stdClass $service A stdClass object representing the current service
         * @param array $get Any GET parameters
         * @param array $post Any POST parameters
         * @param array $files Any FILES parameters
         * @return string The string representing the contents of this tab
    public function moreinfo($package, $service, array $get=null, array $post=null, array $files=null) {
         $row = $this->getModuleRow($package->module_row);
         $out = '';
         $servicefields = array();
         foreach ($row->meta as $key=>$value ) {
              if (strpos($key, "service_field_name") !== false) {
                // Here we match the service field label with their key and value
                foreach($service->fields as $field) {
                  if($field->key == $value) {
                     $name = 'service_field_label_' . str_replace('service_field_name_', '', $key);
                     $servicefields[] = array("label" => $row->meta->$name,
                                              "key" => $value,
                                              "value" => $field->value); 

         foreach($servicefields as $field) {
            // Filter out for showing only public fields
            if(strpos($field['key'], "public_") === 0 ) {
              $out .= "<p><b>". $field['label'] . ":</b> " . $field['value'] . "</p>"; 
         return "<h4>Service Information</h4><br />" . $out ;

2. Make sure that the service fields that you want to show to the client start with "public_" prefix

Setting up public service fields

Service fields being shown on client's "Manage Service" page

Download drop-in replacement file (if you don't want to manually add the above lines) (Only for Blesta 3.2.1): universal_module.php


  • This file will be overwritten if you update Blesta and the Tab will disappear (there is no other risk or any service data loss).
  • If you change the service field name of a existing field, the data will not be preserved (bug?)


EDIT: This still works for Blesta 3.5.1. I'm not sure if it's still needed, but I'm already using it for my production blesta website so there's no way back  :lol:

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i use that codes, but there are nothing seem on home page. to detail page not problem, but home page downslide not working. You can check screen shot


I still did not solve this problem . Surely , I think we see a little detail about this issue

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