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Remove Option To Register With Custom Username

Daniel B

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I've posted this a few times in different threads, so I figured it might be beneficial to have it's own thread for those who might go looking for it in the future.


Currently, it is not possible to merge accounts in Blesta which can sometimes cause an issue with the same client registering twice (once using their email and again using a custom username).


A quick fix for this (which will likely need to be redone after Blesta updates) is to remove the option to register with a custom username.



Edit this file: /plugins/order/views/templates/standard/types/registration/signup.pdt


Find and [either remove or comment out]:

<div class="radio">



$this->Form->fieldRadio("username_type", "username", ($this->Html->ifSet($vars->username_type) == "username"), array("id"=>"username_type_username"));





The result will look like this on the registration form:


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