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[Plugin] Cookiecuttr Plugin (Eu Cookie Law)

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Hello Again

we bring free and exclusive content , this time is the CookieCuttr plugin .

The CookieCuttr plugin wraps up the popular CookieCuttr jQuery script which is designed to provide an attractive solution to complying with EU Cookie Laws.

the plugin can  :

    Show Notice cookies use in top or bottom of pages .

    Select beetwenn 4 CSS style .



- show notice for guest only , or guest and client both .
- option to enable/disable the googleanalytics message 'accept/decline the analytics cookies also)
- option to Disable parts of your page and display a message .
- add privacy page to notice
- enable/disable the (reset cookies button / decline button / accept button)
- enable the notice in just certain page (order form / support ticket ...ect )

screenshoot :







the second style view on bottom of page




This Plugin is tested in our test server , no bugs at the moment .

as always the installtion steps is :

1 - download the file from client area .
2 - upload the cookiecuttr folder inside plugin directory .
3 - goto plugins , and install cookie cuttr Plugin .
4 - enjoy the free content .

Any Suggestion/Bug Please report it here .

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Wicked haha we use this and would save us editing the files when upgrading :D +1


happy to hear this has solved a task for you in upgrade .  


Great  work naja7host :) Going to install right now :P

and tell me if thier are any imporvement i should add to it . this notice should be for registred or guest visitors or for both ?

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