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Package Adding Script


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This is a JavaScript you can customise for your own use if you're adding a few similar packages like domains. Run it by pasting in the dev tools console or make it into a bookmarklet.

//Set module

//Set group
$("#available option[value=2]").appendTo("#assigned");

//Get domain name
var domain = prompt("Enter the domain:", ".com");

//Set package name

//Get price
var price = prompt("Enter the price:", "99.99");
price = parseFloat(price) * 10 + 10;

//Set price

//Add extra terms
for(x = 2; x <= 10; x++) {
	$(".price_row").last().find("input[name='pricing[price][]']").val((price * x).toFixed(2));

//Set tax
$("#taxable").prop('checked', true);

//Wait for 500ms as module options loaded via ajax
	//Set domain
	$("input[value='" + domain + "']").prop('checked', true);

	//Set nameservers

}, 500);
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