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[Module] Opensrs - Beta 1.0.8 Relesed :)

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I have same Issue 


On 10/16/2014 at 1:28 AM, richwalker said:



I have the correct username, key and i have created a salt. but it keeps coming up with


The API Username and Key combination appear to be invalid, or your Opensrs account may not be configured to allow API access.


I have spoken to opensrs and they confirm i have the correct details & my server ip address is in the api access.


Any ideas?


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I tested this module a bit myself and I found that I had to enter the long API Key shown under https://manage.test.opensrs.com/#!/account/API in both of the Key and HashKey fields in the module. I would also get a blank white page (error) until I opened port 55443 TCP egress at the firewall. (52443 for live)

After submitting the order with "valid" name servers, I got an order to go through just fine in sandbox mode.

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Is anyone using this at all with v5.0.4?

After upgrading to 5.0.4 and ensuring the module was up-to-date, we're unable to perform any write functions.  Read functions seem to be fine, meaning the client can view whois info, nameservers, etc., but attempting to update anything fails with no error message, just an empty red area at the top of the page where an error would normally be displayed. Anyone else encounter this issue?


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