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Cpanel Module (Enhanced Integration)


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Hi Guys,

We have released our cPanel Module "Tasty cPanel Module" along with our digitalocean (can be found here)

- Description:  this module brings more basic site management features from cPanel to your Blesta, which makes it easier for your non-technically knowledgeable customers to manage their websites, basically like adding emails, databases, so on. It is integrated with Softaculous Apps Installer as well which makes it even more easier for your customers to launch a website.


Only $69.99 / One Time OR $6.99 Per Month

[Order Now]  |  [FREE Trial]  |  [More Info]


- Preview:


  1- Change Password

  2- Cron Job Management

  3- Databases Management

  4- Email Forwarders

  5- Email Accounts

  6- FTP Accounts

  7- IP Blocker

  8- Addon Domains Management

  9- Domain Redirects

10- Parked Domains

11- Manage Web Applications (Softaculous Integration)

12- Install Web Applications (Softaculous Integration)


What's Included:
- 1 Year of updates.
- 1 Year of support.
- Instant download and license activation.

- Have a question or need more information:
Send a ticket to our sales department.

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A great module thank you mate. Looks amazing. Our customers using Blesta get 10% off this fantastic module thanks to ModulesBakery.


Thanks Mate


Although we're not using CPanel, this is really great to avoid customers having to remember where to do what.


Yep, and i have a great news for you (well maybe if you use InterWorx), currently we are working on an InterWorx version of that module:



WOW A great cpanel module.Do you custom work?


Thank you ! and yes we do, send a ticket to our sales department.

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Yep, and i have a great news for you (well maybe if you use InterWorx), currently we are working on an InterWorx version of that module:


Hehe, well unfortunately, I've never found anything as flexible and reliable as Directadmin, but I don't know if the market is large enough to justify developing a module for it. There are several other modules which are higher on the list in the feature request threads.

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Quick question. Why choose Softaculous over Installatron?  We chose Installatron because their support is way faster and the API seems more robust.





Some users demand Softaculous and some others Installatron ... i believe, therefore, as a start, we have included the Softaculous support with the first version and Installatron will be supported with the next version of that module.

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Another feature request I would have is to have the ability to create parked domains for new accounts (BIG feature request for a long time with WHMCS and cPanel). When a user gets a new cPanel account without a domain (they may have purchased that via godaddy or other), they only way to access it is vial IP or heaven forbid, Apache mod_userdir.  


What we do by hand now is, use one of our existing domains (1lpw.net) and then login to WHM and park a new domain using the clients account name.ilpw.net so they can get to their new hosting account vial something like myaccount.1lpw.net




We have been purchasing from Modulesgarden for a while but, we're growing weary of WHMCS and their single company/brand approach. We're wanting to have all sorts of offerings and brands and Blesta seems to be the only logical answer. Bad news is, MG was contracted to build WHMCS only products. Good news, it leaves the door open for other entrepreneurs to come in and blow it out with Blesta :)

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@Alpha.. sure..


When you setup a new cPanel account (hosting) (with Apache - standard config), sometimes the client purchases and domain from us so they can see their website shortly after the account setup in cPanel.


When someone purchases a domain from Godaddy and wants to keep an old site live until the new one is ready to show, they will purchase hosting from us and start development. When this new account gets setup on our server with the old site and domain running on say godaddy, there is no way to FTP or view the development site from our server unless you use an IP address or enable the Apache mod_userdir.


So, what we do is create a development domain for them. We have several domains on our server that belong to us. So, we will use their cpanel account name prefixed to one of our development URL's so they have a URL that works instead of an IP (a temporary development URL).


So, if Joe's Hardware purchased an account, the cpanel account would be something like joeshard .  What we do is create a parked domain via WHM on top of their account and it looks like this - joeshard.webjiveclient.com


Then the client can use joeshard.webjiveclient.com/index.php, etc. to see their WP or Joomla website. 


What's needed (and we have talked to modules garden about this, and they are going to build one for WHMCS) is a module that creates these types of parked domains when an account is created. There needs to be a setting in the products setup (checkbox) so that it can be enabled per product because some services might not require a temporary domain. 


Does this make sense?


Avoiding Apache mod_userdir also keeps users from getting around bandwidth tracking which is why we don't use it.


Or am I over-complicatign this and there is an easier way to give someone a temporary domain without having to create parked domains?

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Technically you want a subdomain they can pick?


So they can pick to use a domain of their choice or pick a subdomain. When they pick the subdomain it puts their username.yourdomain.com


@Licensecart the question becomes, how do you automate this subdomain creation on new account setup. We have been down this road a couple hundred times and the answers vary.

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