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Blesta Website Help - Looking To Hire


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Hello !

I am not sure this is correct forum , but I am looking for someone to help me with a project.

Me and a long time friend decided to start a Hosting company ( I know, I know...) .

Between me and him , we have a ton of experience , him with Linux and Virtualization etc ,

and me with Marketing etc . I even have a good Investor in all of this.

I will explain what is going on .

He has a job that is very demanding, and he wanted me to learn linux and set everything up myself , that way if a problem arises, I can fix it without going to him for all the petty small issues that I should be able to deal with myself. I have came a very long way and learned a lot, but I am purely overwhelemed and my partner is absent at this time, for various reasons.

Anyway, I got our server set up, and I do not know much about all of this stuff.

I set up our site with a website template and Blesta, but I have so much other things going on , so much else to do and then my own personal stuff etc .


 I could use someone to help integrate Blesta with our website , or even reccomend a way to set up any website template and Blesta integrated.

I would be happy to pay someone to do this task for me , and I am looking for reccomendations on how to go about finding someone to do this sort of thing. It should be very simple for someone that is experienced in setting up a website with blesta for the billing .

Any suggestions or anything is very appreciated !

Please, if anyone knows any good companies or anyone that is trustworthy and experienced at this, please contact me (or reply here) :


[email protected]


Thank you for your time reading this and your reccomendations !!

-Davin Selver

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 You can follow the steps provided here to integrate it with your website design:



OR you can get in touch with LicenseCart ... he can help you with that:



Wonderful !

Thank you so much !

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