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Are Refunds Via Paypal Sent Back To The System?


Just wondering, if someone pays for something via Blesta and then they are refunded via Paypal itself (not within Blesta) does that cause Paypal to send back notice to Blesta via the IPN or something so that they get refunded in the system?


If not, does anything get sent back by Paypal at all - such as to logs of some kind?

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On the client profile page, there's a transaction box, in there there's links, one is called refunds.


If you refund the client fully, the invoice is re-opened if you refund a client part of the payment nothing changes.




Do you know if this only works if the Paypal API credentials are correct? They SHOULD be correct, but when I tried to refund someone via Blesta once before and ticked the "Process this with the gateway" checkbox it failed for some reason.

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